Looking forward to 2017 - What can we expect ?

As we say goodbye to 2016 and race ahead into 2017, what is on the horizon ?

Can we expect there to be an end to conflict, suffering and war ?  Unfortunately not very likely given the state of the world.  As we sit here in Australia, safe and free from serious problems, we can only be very grateful that we aren't in America, England, the middle East, or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.  

Can we expect our politicians to grow some spine and finally address the real issues that surround us and stop dealing in petty politics and ideology ?  Sadly also unlikely.  We will have have to put up with another year of the same old, same old.  So let's look at what we can do. 

What we can expect is to pursue our own goals of creativity and self expression, to continue to learn and to push our own boundaries.  We can also expect to have ever more opportunities to improve our skills and learn from others around us.  So, best wishes for 2017 to everyone.