Phototutor is a cooperative website developed to disseminate photographic knowledge to all who want to improve their knowledge and skills.  The site provides free and unbiased information provided by experts and experienced photographers.

The contributors are:  

Michael Smyth, Jim Crew, Des Crawley and Barry Hayes.

Michael Smyth is the founder and owner of the Phototutor website.

Michael has been interested in photography ever since his first camera enabled him to shoot, develop and print his own monochrome images.  Later, after dabbling extensively with darkroom work he progressed to Cibarchrome (Ilfochrome) printing from transparencies.  In the late 1990s he first saw digital image processing demonstrated and was immediately hooked.  In around 2002 he acquired his first digital camera and since acquiring a Digital SLR soon after has not touched film since.

Michael has found a natural affinity with digital imaging software and has gone on to teach many others the benefits of this approach.  At a time when many still thought that film was still a better option for photography, Michael was an early adopter.  Lecturing widely around the Sydney and NSW area, Michael has gained a reputation for providing clear and concise information and being willing and able to help others learn photographic skills.

Michael is a life member of Lane Cove Creative Photography.     Michael completed his first public exhibition with Parallaxis in 2015 and is working towards future exhibition work based on a creative and personal interpretation of his chosen subjects.


Jim Crew 

Jim has probably forgotten more things about photography than most people learn in a lifetime.  A founding member of Lane Cove Creative Photography, which burst into life in 1970, Jim has been a member for over 30 years and President for 11 years. Jim is also a past President of the Federation of Camera Clubs (NSW) and has been made a life member in recognition of his long term commitment to the amateur photographic movement.  Jim has also been awarded the honour of SSAPS in recognition of a lifetime of service by the Australian Photographic Society.

Jim has also been involved in the running of the Sydney International Exhibition of Photography and has been lecturing and judging around NSW Camera clubs for around 25 years.  Jim has also judged at both National and International photographic exhibitions. Jim's relaxed style of presentation and penchant for audience participation has kept him in high demand.  Jim has also been involved in the ongoing training of new judges through the FCC.  Jim has recently been invited to present a lecture to the Photographic Society of Queensland judges forum.  

Jim is a founding member of the Parallaxis Group and is actively pursuing a creative and personal approach to photography.  To see the Parallaxis Group's work, click here. 

Des Crawley

Des has worked in education all of his working life.  An active educator, even in his “retirement” from academia, Des continues to dazzle and entertain professional and amateur photographers with his insights and creativity.  To list all of Des’ achievements would fill this site:  Emeritus Professor of the University of Western Sydney, Adjunct Professor of RMIT University and Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers is just the bit at the top. 

His work has been exhibited across Australia and overseas in the UK, New York and the Peoples' Republic.  In defiance of retirement he continues to work tirelessly at improving his already impeccable photography and readily shares his passion with anyone who has an open mind and will stand still long enough to listen.  Des is also a founding member of the Digital Artistry Group (DAGs), which proves he has a sense of humour as well as good taste.  To See more of Des’ images, click  here.

Barry Hayes

Barry Hayes ARPS:  For longer than he cares to remember, Barry has had a camera in his hand.  He actually worked for a living for 40 something years but photography wasn’t part of any income stream, it was simply a passion.  At age 56 he decided to change his life and do what he always wanted to do - get serious about indulging his passion. So he quit the rat race and retired early.  Ironically, once he retired he found that photography could actually pay its way, not handsomely but enough to stay up to date with changing photographic trends.

Barry became an Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society in 1981 and was encouraged to seek higher recognition.  However, once he retired he found that all he really wanted to do was make photos and share them with anyone who stayed still long enough. Having a few distinctions made absolutely no difference to the joy of sharing his photography. Things got even better when the magazine and calendar markets actively sought his work. 

Over the years, Barry has photographed every corner of Australia and a fair slice of overseas destinations.  He has done many things photographic, including lecturing, judging at every level and generally just hanging out with other photographers.   To See some of Barry’s images, click here.