Subject and Subject matter, what is the difference ?  by Michael Smyth

Whether we are a photographer or just a person who is interested in imagery, we all look at photographs and make our own evaluation of the image.  We often confuse the content of the image, the “subject matter” with the purpose or message contained within the image, “the subject”.  But if we don’t understand what the photographer is trying to tell us, how can we make a meaningful evaluation of the success of the image ?

Evaluations or competitions held at camera clubs often fail to recognise the “subject” and only respond to the “subject matter”.  This fails to understand the purpose of the image and therefore the evaluation of the image will fail.  Read More...

What is the subject ?

What is the subject ?

A new approach to evaluating photography by Jim Crew

Almost since camera clubs first appeared their format has remained virtually unchanged. The club monthly competition has followed the same path forever. The members enter their photographs, a visiting expert comments on the photographs and hands out awards based on their expertise, influences and biases.

The comments provided by the visiting judge tend to follow a well worn pattern loaded with clichés and often based on what is expected rather than appropriate. We often hear a judge make comment based on standards that are well established and on which there is too much reliance. These comments generally relate to the rules of club photography and do little to progress the art.

 The horizon should never be in the middle of the picture.

There should always be a strong focal point.

The focal point should be placed on one of the thirds.

There must always be a full range of tones.  Read More...